Kawasaki e-bikes

Inspired by

 E-POWER was born from the collaboration between Kawasaki and Diavelo (a member of Accell Group).

The partnership combines the Kawasaki expertise in sport racing and high skills in technology with Diavelo (a member of Accell Group) state-of-the-art technology in the bicycle sector.

E-POWER is innovative project; all lineup of products has fully integration of the battery (patented technology) inside the frames.
The advantage of this customization is both aesthetic but also functional, it means a better weight distribution and balance and a more comfortable and performing ride.

E-POWER only use top brand manufacturers of Motors Brose and Bafang Also the patented inside the frame Panasonic battery (500W – 13,6A – 36V) is fully integrated and easy removable for recharge.

E-POWER bikes are completed by Shimano components.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change these specifications without notice. The designs showed are still under approval.
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